A Remedy for Our Blemishes – Success or Fail?

A saviour for blemished skin, or another fail?

I bought this serum three and a half months ago – my skin was breaking out and I was desperate to find something which work, so I grabbed this the second I saw it.  Until then, I had never tried any skincare from Bare Minerals – a quick google on my way to the checkout counter didn’t produce any decent reviews, but I took a chance and bought the Blemish Remedy serum (buying a product without reading any reviews goes against my skincare rules, but like I said, I was in a desperate situation!).

This product claims to be a saviour for blemished skin which will calm redness, smooth texture and treat breakouts.  It’s a 30ml serum infused with mineral zinc, salicylic acid, licorice root extract and meadowsweet extract which are all meant to work together to promote clear skin.  The smell is very faint but pleasant and the texture is a little thicker than water.  A couple of drops covers the whole face and I used it morning and evening.

At first, I loved it: I thought I saw a decrease in breakouts and I definitely noticed that it reduced oiliness (plus it wasn’t making my breakouts any worse, so I figured that was a good thing…). I continued to use the serum day after day, hoping that it would prevent future breakouts from occurring.  A few months down the line, however, the difference in my skin was so minimal that I couldn’t even be sure the Blemish Remedy was doing anything.  I continued to use this serum until the bottle was empty in the hopes that it would eventually start working (and also because I had spent $66 on it), but unfortunately I my skin never cleared up while using it.

The Bottom Line:


  • Smells nice and applies easily
  • Small amount of improvement in skin texture
  • Goof oil control
  • Packing is great


  • Does not remedy blemishes
  • In fact, it had zero effect on my blemishes at all…

In my experience, this is a so-so product.  It didn’t make a phenomenal difference to my skin and I won’t be repurchasing it.  Because of that, I really can’t recommend it to anyone.  Perhaps if you find that products with salicylic acid in them help you skin, you might have some success with this serum.  I love the idea behind this serum, the packaging and the way it applies, so I will investigate some of bareMinerals’ other skincare products, but the bottom line is that this product didn’t work for me.

If you’ve made it this far, let me know if there is a product you’ve seen in my skincare collection that you are curious about and would like me to review!




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