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It’s high time that I wrote a blog post dedicated to this brand as I have been using the products since last November and they have very quickly worked their way into my daily skincare routine.  These products are handmade by facialist Caroline Hunt – the skincare range is completely natural and she uses organic ingredients where she can!  This year I’ve been putting in a lot more effort to be aware of what ingredients are in my skincare products so that I know what’s sinking into my skin – I love the idea of using natural skincare and would like to move in that direction, so already using Hunt skincare products is a great start for me.  At the moment, Hunt Skincare has four products to offer:  the Daily Face Oil, the Facial Mist, the Daily Body Oil and the Organic Lip Balm.

The Daily Face Oil ($50)

I have to start with this face oil because it’s my favourite product from the skincare line (and one of my favourite face oils of all time!).  I started using this oil last summer while I was holidaying up at Russell which is my favourite place on earth – every time I use this oil it smells like summer and it takes me right back to one of the happiest times of my life.

This face oil is lightweight while still being hydrating.  It isn’t greasy, but instead absorbs really well into the skin.  I like to apply this after the face mist (see below!), but before a moisturiser.  I’ll spray the face mist on and while my face is still a bit damp I’ll apply the oil.  This technique just really helps the oil to absorb beautifully into the skin!  Happily, I find that makeup sits really well on top of this oil, so it’s definitely a product I use in the mornings.  I also use it at night from time to time – I’ve recently started using a jade roller with this oil which works really great in the evenings.  In term of the scent, the face oil is a blend of floral and earthy holistic goodness, smelling somehow comforting.  The best thing about this oil is that a little goes a long way – the oil itself is thin and runny which means just half a pump is enough to cover my face!   I’m down to my last few pumps, but I’ve been using it for about 9 months now.

The Facial Mist ($40)

This is hands down the best face mist that I have ever used (and a close second to the face oil in terms of being my favourite product from the skincare line). If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know that this mist features in a lot of my routine posts because it is a daily staple for me.  First of all, the scent is so beautiful… it smells of honey, roses and natural goodness.  I would use it simply for the smell, but this face mist seems to also be helping to keep blemishes at bay – possibly because witch hazel and green tea are two of the ingredients used.  After using it my skin feels balanced and fresh.  I love using it as a toner in the morning and throughout the day to freshen up my skin. Unfortunately, I have just run out of this mist, but that’s just a testament as to how much I love it!  As a skincare addict I’ve tried my fair share of face mists, but this was the one I always went back to.

The Daily Body Oil ($55)

This body oil is a rich blend of oils.  Again, the scent is absolutely divine.  Like the face oil, a little goes a long way, but the skin is still left feeling very hydrated and plump.  I like to use this oil after the shower – it really helps to lock in moisture and keep my skin from getting dry.  I really love how this body oil isn’t greasy – it means you don’t have to wait forever for it to sink in and it doesn’t stick to your clothes. I particularly loved using the Daily Body Oil this past summer as I spent half my time at the beach in and out of the salt water

The Organic Vanilla Lip Balm ($14)

This lip balm melts into your lips.  The scent is very faint, so it’s great for anyone sensitive to smell.  I mostly just use this at night before I go to bed as it keeps my lips hydrated until I wake up in the morning.  I really like having lip balms in jars as I find them easy to use and it’s easy to store.   My only tip is to keep this balm out of the sun as because it melts so nicely on the lips, it also melts when placed in sunlight!


You can buy the products here!  I highly recommend them.  Hunt Skincare was one of the first brands that I fell in love with when I had just started my blog and was getting really into skincare.


This post is not sponsored, the products were kindly gifted to me by Hunt Skincare, all opinions and photographs are my own.

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