Kiehl’s Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate

I’ve been using the Kiehl’s Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate every night for exactly one month, so I feel that now I can properly give an honest review on how it performs.  (Spoiler: the past month has been the longest time that my skin has consistently looked great!)

The Refining Micro-Peel is a gentle facial peel that helps to accelerate surface skin cell turnover.  Kiehl’s states the product has been clinically demonstrated to help accelerate cell turnover to reveal fresher, newly radiant skin, while visibly evening the skin tone and refining the feel of rough texture over time

What really intrigued me about this product were the ingredients used: Quinoa husk extract and phytic acid are the two key ingredients, neither of which I was familiar with!  Both of these ingredients act as exfoliants.  The 30ml bottle contains the concentrated extract of 2000 quinoa husks which are sustainably sourced from Bolivia.  The protective outer shell of the quinoa seed is used without any chemical alteration.  Sourced from Japan, the phytic acid is derived from rice bran.  Because the Micro-Peel contains AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid is a plant based acid that helps to exfoliate the skin) it’s important to use sunscreen everyday as the skin may be a bit more sensitive – of course you should be wearing sunscreen everyday regardless of what skincare products you’re using!

As the name suggests, this product is to be used at night.  After cleaning and toning, I apply the Refining Micro-Peel.  It feels and applies like a regular light serum or oil – the consistency is a little thicker than water, somewhere between a serum, an oil and water, so 2-3 drops is enough to cover my face.  I just use my fingers to spread it and press into the skin – the product sinks in really well, but it can feel a little sticky if too much is applied.  I usually go in with an acne cream (like this one) afterwards.   The actual product is a bit yellow (not green!) and it’s completely undetectable on the skin.  Straightaway after applying it my skin feels smooth and hydrated – it actually feels really nice to touch!

This month has been the perfect time to test this product out because I haven’t been breaking out and so I can really see how the Micro-Peel helps with evening my squinting and smoothing the texture.  I have 100% noticed a difference in my skin’s texture! It’s been so smooth and makeup has been a joy to apply!   I had a lot of uneven texture on my cheeks as a result from breakouts over the years and using this serum nightly has really helped.  It’s definitely helped lighten my breakout scars a little bit, but I mostly noticed a difference in the texture of my skin, so that’s what I’d recommend this for.  I’ve been asked how this compares to the Drunk Elephant Framboos Glycolic Night Serum which I also have, and I have to say that the Kiehl’s wins for me!

The Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate has really transformed my skin this past month!  I’ve never felt more confident in my skin and I’ve just loved applying makeup – makeup really becomes so much more enjoyable when you feel happy with your skin!  My final verdict is that I truly LOVE this product and I won’t stop using it any time soon.


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