IN THE GLOW is a beauty blog dedicated to all things skincare, makeup and style.  Here you will find a mixture of product reviews, beauty advice and various insights into the ever-changing world that is ‘beauty’.

In The Glow was created in 2017 by Isabelle, a 22 year old law student who has a passion for beauty, writing, photography (and talking about herself in the third person).


Based in Auckland, New Zealand.

For photography, writing or other collaboration inquiries, contact intheglow.nz@gmail.com.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why ‘In The Glow’?

If a skincare or makeup product promises to make me glow, I’m sold!  It’s also a play on the phrase ‘in the know’ – I hope that after reading my reviews and thoughts on various products you’ll be in the know about which products will work best for you.

Why did you create a blog?  

From creating writing clubs as a child and forcing my younger sibling to join them, to writing legal essays for my degree, writing has always been a huge passion and aspect of my life.  I later developed a love of photography and all things beauty, so starting a blog seemed like the perfect way to combine all three passions!

Advice for those wanting to start a blog?

Don’t worry about whether or not anyone will actually read your blog and don’t concern yourself with what other people might think.  Write about something you enjoy and are passionate about.  Keep a list of things or save photographs which inspire you!

When is the best time to start a blog?

Right now.  Starting a blog was something that had been in the back of my mind for years, but I kept putting it off.  This blog has been nothing but a positive experience and my only regret is not starting it sooner.  So forget about your reasons for not starting one (the truth is that you can blog without spending a cent, you don’t need the best quality camera and you friends don’t actually care about what you write) and just begin.

What camera do you use?

Nikon D5300.

How do you edit your photos?

I very rarely edit any of my photos.  I usually shoot in direct sunlight and this makes the photographs crisp, bright and vibrant – it does most of the work for you.  If I do edit, I will just use the ‘photos’ app on my laptop and adjust the brightness or colour tone.  I never mess with the saturation.  Photographing in sunlight and not being afraid to crop can have a huge effect on your photographs.