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If you love makeup and have been on the internet this past week, you’ll have no doubt heard of the new makeup line to hit the market: Fenty Beauty.  And by ‘hit the market’, I mean shake it up and send it into overdrive (has there been a youtube beauty video out lately that isn’t a Fenty Beauty first impression?).  I purchased the Pro Filt’r foundation and the Gloss Bomb lipgloss – if you want to know the details, then read on!


A soft matte, long wearing foundation, with great coverage, available in a boundary-breaking range of 40 shades, and 100% cruelty free – it sounds too good to be true, but trust me, it’s not.  The Pro Filt’r foundation blends out and wears like a dream.

I bought the shade 140, although I could have gotten away with 120.  My only complaint with the colour is that it is really yellow – while I do have neutral to yellow undertones in my skin, this foundation shade is a lot more yellow than it appears to be on the Fenty Beauty website.  Shade 120 is meant to have neutral undertones, but judging from warm 140 I would say that 120 would be yellow enough for those with undertones somewhere between neutral and warm (I hope this makes sense).

Photo taken from the Fenty Beauty website which shows swatches of all the available foundation shades.


First off, shake the bottle to active the foundation.  Secondly, work fast!  This is not the type of foundation that you can dot across your face and then pause for a minute before blending in – you need to work fast!  I tend to dot the foundation evenly across one side of my face and then work on blending that out perfectly, before moving on the next side.

In terms of how to blend it out, I have tried using the foundation with my makeup sponge and tried it with a buffing brush, and both work well!  I have found that I get much better coverage using a brush (I use the Real Techniques ‘Expert Face Brush’), but I love the finish of using a sponge (the ‘Miracle Complexion sponge’ also by Real Techniques).  I usually end up buffing the foundation out with my brush and then going over my face with my sponge to make sure it’s all blended out.


The foundation is advertised as being medium to full coverage that builds easily, however, I would definitely classify it as only medium coverage – in my opinion, it’s better to go in with a concealer afterwards where you need it, rather than build this foundation up.


This foundation isn’t too forgiving on dry patches, so make sure you moisturise well and maybe use a primer, however, it really does seem to blur pores and feels extremely light on the skin!  The foundation gives a very natural my-skin-but-better look which is what I like best.  The oil-free formula is made with climate-adaptive technology that’s resistant to sweat and humidity – it’s winter at the moment so I can’t speak on the humidity resistance aspect, but I have noted that my skin doesn’t get shiny throughout the day.


On their website, Fenty Beauty states that the foundation’s rich pigments need a moment to dry down to their truest colour…and I have found this to be true.  When the foundation is first pumped out it is definitely lighter than when it has been blended in, however, the change isn’t drastic.  If you’re able to walk into a store a buy it, I would recommend testing it on yourself and waiting a moment for it to fully dry.  If you’re going to buy it online (like I did) and are having trouble deciding between two shades then I suggest that you buy the lighter shade – besides, you can always warm your face up with a bit of bronzer later.


The packing for the lipgloss is beautiful!  Just like the foundation bottle, it feels heavy and luxurious.  The Gloss Bomb is the only lip product available so far and only comes in one colour, ‘Fenty Glow’, which is meant to be a universal shade suited to everyone.  I have relatively fair skin and love how the gloss looks on me – it is a rosy colour with a hint of shine.  It is the type of shade that will work great with every makeup look.  The gloss is buttery, not sticky at all and smells delicious!  I was never a fan of the liquid lipstick/matte trend which has been everywhere this past year, so I’m really glad that Fenty Beauty is bringing back the gloss!  Lets hope it’s here to stay.


Get ready to kiss your money goodbye.  Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation is well worth the hype.  It’s long wearing, flattering on the skin, there’s a colour for everyone, and compared to a lot of other foundations on the market, it’s not overly expensive.  The Gloss Bomb is beautiful and nourishing, but if I had to pick between the two I would take the foundation.  If you’re on the hunt for a great everyday foundation and lipgloss, give these a try!

All photos used are my own except when stated otherwise.

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