Skin-Brightening Moisturiser with Manuka Honey

What do you get if you add bee venom, mamaku black fern, grape seeds, kiwi, peonies and manuka honey together?  A hydrating and brightening moisturiser!

The bee venom and black fern are there to provide a “gentle lifting effect” and the manuka honey helps with skin blemishes, while the antioxidants from the grape seeds and kiwi in combination with the peony flower help to brighten the skin – this brightening bit was the selling point for me.  It comes in a 60ml pot.

This moisturiser is very hydrating and feels quite heavy on the skin when it is first applied, however, the heaviness quickly disappears and the product becomes undetectable.  Immediately after applying it I notice a firming and tightening feeling to the skin, which must be the bee venom working its magic.  While ‘hydrating’ and ‘heavy’ are usually not what those with oily skin look for, this moisturiser is actually advertised as being suited for oily skin.  In my experience, it controls oil and keeps the face really hydrated throughout the whole day.  I was worried that such a thick cream would break me out, but thankfully it didn’t.

This moisturiser is suitable to apply both in the morning and evening, however, I’ve just been using it in the mornings – I apply it to my face and neck.  You really only need a very small amount of the cream as a little goes a long way.  Just using it once a day, this moisturiser has lasted me around 6 months…I’m only just reaching the bottom of the pot!  To me, that’s a really long time and it helps to justify the price!

So did I notice any lifting or brightening?  Yes to the lifting!  In regards to brightening… It’s so difficult to tell whether a product is helping to brighten the complexion if it is not the sole product being used, however, I would attribute this moisturiser to helping even out my skin!  Before using this moisturiser I would get a lot of pigmentation after a breakout, but now if I do breakout the pigmentation is much less noticeable.

Bottom line:

In a nutshell, this is a great moisturiser for anyone of any skin type looking for hydration and a brightening effect. The brightening results aren’t crazy, but that aside, I would purchase this again simply for the great hydration it offers (plus it has a great smell).  This is the only skincare product I have tried from Antipodes and the quality of this moisturiser means that I will definitely look at their other products.

Is it my holy grail moisturiser and would I purchase it again?  No, but only because I’m a skincare fanatic who is always researching and looking to buy new products!  There are too many other moisturisers out there for me to stop at this one, regardless of the fact that I did really enjoy it.

Let me know if you have found your holy grail moisturiser! (As I mentioned, I’m about to finish this one and am on the hunt for another).



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