Supplements For Your Face

I first came across this skincare range when I was in Urban Outfitters.  I saw they had three serums and was instantly drawn to the one titled ‘Glow’ (if it isn’t obvious by now, I can’t resist any product to do with glowing).  The serum claimed to enhance radiance and luminosity, using vitamin C and magnesium to revitalise and balance skin tone.  I’ll admit that I was sceptical of purchasing something from an unknown brand (to me), especially when I couldn’t find any reviews online during my hasty research in the store – does any one else quickly look up reviews before they buy skincare products?

I purchased it for $15 USD which is about $20 NZD – not a bad price if it actually works!  Valjean Labs describe the serums as being a collection of super-concentrated serums which each contain a blend of essential nutrients that address specific skincare needs… “supplements for your face”.

The formula is quite thin and runny, although I wouldn’t describe it as watery.  There’s no scent to it at all and it absorbs into the skin quite fast – it feels slightly tacky while it’s drying, but this quickly disappears once the serum has fully been absorbed.  I use it each morning and night after I’ve applied my toner and follow up with a moisturiser on top – while this serum does offer a bit of hydration, it’s definitely not moisturising enough to use on its own in place of a regular moisturiser.  I have been using this serum twice a day for about 2 months now and I’m just about half way through the bottle (a little goes a long way).

I haven’t noticed any drastic difference in the appearance of my skin, but it seems to have smoothed out the texture, made my complexion more even and has shrunk my pores (which I was not expecting it to do)!  Straight after applying it I can notice my face looking more ‘firm’ and it really does look glowing… Thankfully, this serum doesn’t break me out, so I’d recommend it for those of you who struggle to find serums that don’t clog your pores or irritate your skin.  I’ve been really enjoying using this before my moisturiser as it just gives my skin that extra amount of hydration which seems to last all day.

The Bottom Line:

This serum is a hidden gem!  I haven’t heard or seen any reviews on it yet, but Valjean Labs seem like a great skincare line.  Valjean Labs also have a ‘restore’ serum which is mean to calm down blemish-prone skin, and a ‘hydrate’ one which uses hyaluronic acid (my favourite) to retain moisture levels and keep elasticity.  I’m interested in trying out both of these!

I’m not sure if Valjean Labs is available in New Zealand, so I’ll be sad when this serum finally runs out.



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