Energy Boosting Moisturiser | Origins Ginzing

Before I purchased this moisturiser I read a lot of reviews online (who doesn’t?) and it seemed that this moisturiser made people feel ‘awake’ and ‘rejuvenated’ when they applied it in the morning.  I wondered to myself, how on earth does a moisturiser makeup one feel awake and rejuvenated?  Well, I now know how!

This moisturiser claims to be able to brighten and hydrate skin, using natural caffeine-rich extracts such as Coffee Bean and Panax Ginseng to revitalise and Vitamin B to shield the skin from environmental damage.  It also uses Magnolia Bark to help to fade dark spots and diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Quite the claim!


The Ginzing moisturiser has a citrusy smell to it which really does smell refreshing!  The smell isn’t too strong and disappears after being on the skin for a few minutes (I wouldn’t mind if it lasted longer as I think it smells delicious).  As it’s a gel moisturiser the consistency is very light – it also feels lightweight on the skin (unlike the Antipodes manuka honey brightening one).


Despite the light gel texture, I have found this moisturiser to be really hydrating!  On a regular basis I tone my face with Mario Badescu’s Glycolic Acid toner, then apply Valjean Lab’s Glow serum, and then apply the Ginzing moisturiser.  Usually I rely on the Glow serum to give me an extra bit of hydration, but I’ve found that on that on days when I forget to apply it the Ginzing moisturiser is hydrating enough on its own!  This Ginzing moisturiser is definitely not a heavy duty, intense moisturiser, but I haven’t had any dryness since using it.  I have combination skin – some areas can get seriously dry – and this moisturiser is perfect for my skin.  Combats oiliness and dryness!


While it does absorb quite well into the skin, I wait a few minutes before applying foundation as I’ve found that my foundation looks weird and separates if I don’t wait for the moisturiser to fully absorb.


The only con I can think of is that this moisturiser doesn’t really do anything aside from moisturising the skin (which is kind of to be expected given that it’s a moisturiser…).  I haven’t noticed any brightening effects, but perhaps time will tell.  Stay tuned for an update! I’ll edit this once I finish the tube.


Unless something else catches my eye, I will be repurchasing this moisturiser again when it runs out. Despite it not having much effect in the brightening department, I really like it.

I look forward to using it each morning!



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