The Internet Craze Tested

For a solid month all I saw on my Facebook and Instagram accounts were videos of people slowly (and sometimes painfully) peeling black masks off their faces in the hopes of removing blackheads from their skin.  The hype was everywhere: a black charcoal mask that could clean your pores and detoxify your skin… but does it actually work?  This week I put to the test the charcoal products from Blaq Mask!

Blaq Mask Tube $29.00 (NZD)

The famous charcoal peel-off mask… This activated charcoal mask is designed to draw out impurities from the skin resulting in pore-less skin with no blackheads. Before applying the mask I cleansed my skin and rinsed with warm water to open my pores.  I applied the mask to my t-zone only, waited about 15 minutes and then slowly peeled it off by pulling the edges of the mask upwards.  It actually worked!  Almost like a pore strip, this mask left my t-zone looking clean and blackhead free.  The mask feels sticky at first, but quickly dries down (it also smells delicious).  My biggest hint when using this mask is to stick to the t-zone!  The mask is very tacky and if you apply it everywhere it will only pull at the hairs on your face when you go to peel it off… if you stick to your t-zone the mask is a pain free experience (and don’t worry, although the mask is made of dark charcoal it doesn’t leave any residue on your skin!).  I will 100% be reaching for this mask ahead of pore strips as it’s so much gentler on my skin than pore strips are – my skin isn’t irritated afterwards and you don’t need to rip it off.  I’ve heard a lot of talk about how pore strips are more damaging than good for your skin, so I think that the Blaq Mask Tube is a fantastic alternative – the fact that it’s made with charcoal is even better!

Blaq Hydrogel Eye Mask $29.00

These activated charcoal eye masks are meant to de-puff and detox the under eye area.  I had never used an eye mask before so I was very curious if this would actually work.  You get 5 sets of eye masks in a box – just place it directly under your eyes and leave on for around 15 minutes.  To my surprise, my eyes de-puffed straight away!  I wouldn’t recommend moving around too much while you’re using these as they have a tendency to slide around.  One morning I decided to leave a set of eye masks in the fridge for a while before using them – the cooling effect seemed to de-puff my eyes even more than usual!  The verdict?  These eye masks probably won’t have any lasting effect on your under eyes, but they aren’t designed to – they are eye masks, not an everyday eye cream.  Instead, they will instantly de-puff and hydrate your eyes for mornings when you’ve stayed up late the night before and need a bit of extra help.  They’re a lot of fun to use, they actually work and I will definitely be using these again!

Blaq Dual Sided Wipes $12.95

Made with activated charcoal, these face wipes are double sided – one side is meant for cleansing the skin and removing any dirt or makeup, while the other side exfoliates.  The exfoliating side has tiny hard bumps on it which help to buff the skin.  I enjoyed using the cleansing side, but I found the exfoliating side to be a little bit too rough on my skin.  I like using these wipes to take off my makeup before I wash my skin with water and a gel cleanser – it helps to get rid of makeup that my cleanser might normally miss, a bit like double cleansing!  I also love how these wipes are resealable – it keeps the air out so that they don’t dry out!  I’m going overseas soon and I’ll definitely be taking these with me in my onboard bag.  They’re so handy for when you aren’t able to use water to clean your skin!

Blaq Teeth Whitening Wand $19.90

This is possibly my favourite product of the lot.  Made with activated charcoal and coconut oil, this whitening wand lifts stains without damaging the enamel (my biggest fear)!  The wand is like a clicky pen – you just press the end and the product comes out at the top where there is a little brush which you can then use to apply the product to your teeth.  I have quite sensitive teeth and find the (expensive) teeth whitening product from my dentist harsh as it irritates my gums.  I was pleasantly surprised at how gentle the Teeth Whitening Wand is!  So far I have only used it a few times, but I have already noticed a difference in my teeth.  I’m definitely going to keep using it!






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