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Get comfy and grab a snack because this review is going to be long – think new holy grail mask, diamonds, pearls, sapphires, amethysts, brightening, detoxifying anti-ageing and glowing!  This is the mask review you didn’t know you needed.

I have recently had the pleasure of trying four face masks by the new Australian skincare brand RARE by Livkin.  What sets RARE apart from other skincare brands that I have tried is the fact that it goes beyond skin.  RARE is a holistic luxury skincare brand which encompasses the mind and body, as well as the skin.  The masks bring balance to your wellbeing, which I LOVE.  So many products focus simply on improving one’s outer appearance, but RARE seeks to heal on the inside too – more important than skin!

What makes RARE skincare so luxurious is the beautiful ingredients that are incorporated into each mask.  These masks are among the few products which have actually made an immediate difference to my skin.  In all honesty, while there are lot of different products that I love and that work great for my skin, it’s rare that I use a product and straight away think ‘Holy moly it’s actually done something’.

RARE has four beautiful masks to offer – Glacial Glow, Glacial Lift, I Am Delicate and I Am Purifying.  All made with New Zealand glacial clay, these masks are 50ml and each target different skin issues.  As a New Zealander, these masks intrigued me – I was curious to know what makes New Zealand glacial clay so special!  The mineral rich clay (created through the collision of volcanic ash and glacial ice more than three million years ago in New Zealand) has a high negative chemical charge, so when applied on skin it attracts the positive charge in chemicals and toxins in the skin.  This electrical  attraction helps to draw out toxins from the skin which deeply detoxifies the skin, supporting cell renewal and collagen production!  This is an ingredient that all of us can get behind.

Glacial Glow: Energising Brightening Mask with Tourmaline

I have to start with this mask because it officially holds the title of ‘My Holy Grail Mask’ – skincare lovers please note that I do not say this lightly.  This treatment mask aims to restore and brighten pigmentation and dull/uneven skin.   The ingredients include the amazing glacial clay, Australian pink clay and tourmaline – tourmaline helps to stimulate blood flow circulation and protect from “external electromagnetic pollution”.  The mask also includes Australian native Snowflower which reduces pigmentation and helps to boost collagen and cell renewal.  The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties brighten the skin!  I have used a number of masks which claim to be brightening and while they all feel and smell great, the majority of these masks don’t actually work.  This is where the Glacial Glow mask is different – I genuinely believe that it has brightened my skin!  I had a recent breakout and was left with a lot of scarring/pigmentation on cheeks – a couple of mask applications later and my skin was looking better in just a few days than I would normally except it to look a month after the breakout!

Glacial Lift: Tone, Firm & Lift Anti-Ageing Sleep Mask with Diamond & Pearl

Infused with diamonds and pearls… do I need to say anything else?  This mask is an advanced peptide and bio-active formula – put it on before you go to sleep and wake up with improved skin elasticity, a boost in collagen and cell renewal!  Perfect for those who want to prevent premature going and restore some firmness to their skin.  If you’re like me, the diamonds and pearls were what caught your attention!  So what do they actually do (besides from sounds glamorous!)?  Diamonds help other ingredients to fully penetrate into the skin, while pearls are rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  Together in this mask they give your skin a luminous glow and protect it from the sun,  while empowering, soothing and balancing the mind.  The other ingredients in this mask include wild harvested Kakadu plum (an Australian native fruit which contains the world’s highest concentration of nutrient available vitamin C), hyaluronic acid (skincare obsessives should be well aware of this one…this acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, making it perfect for hydrating and plumping the skin), Siberian ginseng (another anti-ageing ingredient which targets sun exposure damage and environmental pollution), and of course New Zealand glacial clay!  This is the most comfortable mask that I have ever used – it feels incredibly light on the skin.

I Am Delicate: Hydrate & Restore Healing Mask with Sapphire

Yes, you read that right, sapphire.  This mask is for those of us who have inflamed, dry, sensitive skin that needs some rejuvenation and hydration.  The ingredients in this mask (like all of them) are just to die for.  This mask incorporates blue sapphire to hydrate the skin and also contains gold which is a powerful antioxidant – it stimulates cell growth and restores elasticity!  Who knew that gold and sapphire which look so good together in jewellery could also work so well together in skincare?  To top it off these two beautiful ingredients also bring peace of mind, love and serenity to you.  This mask also includes hyaluronic acid to lock in the moisture, as well green tea leaf extract to protect the skin from free radicals and UVB damage, and Australian organic Wild Rosella – I had never heard of this before, but it is a super extract which is known as the ‘botox’ plant.  Wild Rosella has high concentrations of vitamin A, C and E which help to stimulate cell renewal.

I Am Purifying: Anti-Blemish & Rescue Detox Mask with Amethyst

This mask is an actual SKIN SAVIOUR.  It targets acne prone skin by tightening the pores, purifying and clearing the complexion – and let’s be honest, when our skin is balanced and clear, we feel balanced and happy.  This mask uses Amethyst to eliminate toxicity, protect the skin from negative energy and pollutants, and calm stress.  My favourite glacial clay, gold and hyaluronic acid are also used, as well as Australian native desert Quandong – this is a natural wound healer, high in vitamin C, fatty acids and rutin.  It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties – perfect for those times when your skin is acting up.  Like all of the masks, the scent for this one is very delicate.

Now lets talk about the packaging… From the ingredients to the application, these masks shout luxury, and the packing is no exception.  They each come in a beautifully designed box – think… All of them come with a treatment brush which makes applying the masks a pleasure.  Applying a RARE mask has quickly become the step that I look forward to the most in my skincare routine!


In regards to the application, after you’ve cleansed your skin (crossing my fingers that RARE releases a cleanser, can you just imagine how divine it would be?!) brush the mask onto you face and décolletage.  It’s best to apply these masks generously!  Leave the masks on for about 15-20 minutes (though in all honesty I have left the masks on for much longer than that) before gently rinsing off (apart from the Glacial Lift mask which you sleep in).  It’s recommended that these masks are used 1-3 times a week (let me warn you now, it’s hard to resist using these every single day!).  I’m not sure if you’re meant to, but I like to apply different masks to different parts of my face at the same time to target specific issues – my cheeks are where I need brightening so I apply Glacial Glow there, but my t-zone is where I have the most blemish trouble so I apply I Am Purifying there.


Overall, these masks are by far the most beautiful and luxurious masks I have ever tried.  So much thought and detail has gone into the skincare, from the ingredients used, to the way they are packaged.  With these masks you are paying for quality and results.  These masks have been a game changer – my skin has never looked healthier.  I also just realised that I haven’t worn any foundation this week because I’ve been so happy with my skin! I’m going to sign off now before I start to sound like a broken record – but one last time, I couldn’t recommend RARE by Livkin more and you need to try a mask, I promise you it will be skin changing.

RARE has very generously given me a discount code for you to use! Use RAREGLOW20 for 20% off!


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