Beauty Tips from our Mothers

As the age old saying goes, mother’s know best!  This certainly seems to be true when it comes to beauty, as although trends are always changing, the classic beauty tips and tricks remain the same, being passed down from mother to daughter.  Here’s some beauty advice that In The Glow reader’s have been given from their mother’s, or other wonderful and influential women in their lives:


“Don’t walk out of the house without applying sunscreen!”

“Never fall asleep with makeup on is what both my parents always said”

“Put down the tweezer and leave your eyebrows alone!””

“Water, and a drop of serum into your foundation”

“My mom always told us to never drink out of straws because it causes lip wrinkles”

“My Nanna always wore makeup – at home and when she went out.  It was never about not being confident without it, it was her way of feeling put-together and she did it for herself”

“When you apply sunscreen make sure that you don’t forget to apply it on your neck”

“The best tool to apply foundation is your fingers!”

“Always wash your face at the end of each day, no matter how tired you are”

“Pat your face dry instead of rubbing it dry – otherwise you’ll cause wrinkles!”

“Lipstick will always brighten your face and outfit, even if it’s the only makeup you have one”

“When it comes to skincare, it’s ok to be decadent, as it’s the only skin you’ll have”

“Don’t forget to moisturise and apply sunblock on your hands – they’re often where you can see the first signs of ageing”

“Drink water!!!”

“My mom has always sworn by using heavy nights creams during the day when you’re just hanging around the house for extra moisture”

“Always moisturise and never go to bed with makeup on!”

“Use anti-ageing creams from a young age in those wrinkle areas to stop them appearing”

“My mom taught me that makeup is creative and personal and whatever you want it to be… My mom taught me not to take beauty too seriously and to express yourself!”

“A little lip colour goes a long way, even when you don’t feel like putting any other makeup on!”

“Throwing your hair upside down when applying a product for volume and then blow drying it upside down gives so much body!”




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