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Last Saturday I had the most incredible experience at Rosenthal.  Rosenthal was created by the wonderful Michelle Cook.  She makes 100% natural skincare and also does facials – I’ll be talking about both!  The thing I love the most about Rosenthal is that skin is approached from a holistic angle, going beyond simply the skin’s surface.  Michelle uses the benefits of essential oils and works with the muscles and meridian pathways of the face, head and neck to create beautiful healthy skin!

The Skincare

The skincare products are hand blended and made with all natural ingredients (so no preservatives or artificial fragrance).  Michelle made me a Bespoke Blend face serum and this is by far the most beautiful face oil that I own.  Mine is made with camellia oil (contains vitamins A, B and E), walnut oil (a dry oil which absorbs quickly), carrot seed (vitamins A and E) and meadowfoam seed oil (helps control sebum production and to protect the skin from harsh environmental factors).  The essential oils used are Neroli (great for acne prone skin), Jasmine (nourishing and healing) and Lavender (antiseptic and anti-inflammatory).  The perfect combination for my acne prone skin!  I think that this is such a unique serum idea: the majority of serums and face oils aren’t created to suit a certain person – instead you have to hunt around for a serum that suits your skin type and smells good to you.  With the Bespoke blend Michelle can customise it to suit your skin type and preferences!

There are actually three different ways that you can use this serum and I made it my mission to try all of them. The texture is light and thin, making it very easy to apply to the skin – just one pump is enough for my face, so I can see this serum lasting well (another fantastic thing about the serum is that Michelle includes on the bottle the date that it was blended).  The oil sinks into the skin fast which means you could easily apply this in the morning as a day serum/oil under your regular moisturiser – it won’t look greasy on the skin.  I usually wait about 10 minutes after finishing my skincare routine before I apply any makeup and I find that makeup sits perfectly over my Bespoke Blend.  I’ve also tried using it as a night oil: what I like to do is cleanse, go in with my usual toners and then apply the Bespoke blend as an evening face oil.  I don’t ever feel like I need more hydration after applying, but sometimes I will still add a moisturiser over the top.


Another way that this serum can be used is as an oil cleanser!  To do this just use a few pumps and massage it into the skin before using a warm cloth to wipe the face clean (I always remove my makeup before cleansing, but for experiment’s sake I left my makeup on to see how this would work and my makeup came off really well!).  When using it as an oil cleanser I love really massaging it into my skin and using a jade face roller towards the end to relax my face muscles and help the oil to really nourish my skin.  Using the Bespoke blend as an oil cleanser is really great if you have dry skin and want some extra nourishment – a similar effect to using a balm cleanser.

Lastly, this oil can also be used on the ends of your hair if you find they’re a bit dry (I actually recently just got my hair cut and apparently the ends of my hair are dry even though I couldn’t tell, so I might start doing this with my Bespoke blend if I ever pump out too much – it feels too precious to use solely on my hair!)


The Facial

Definitely one of the best hours of my life – I just about floated out of the door after the facial.  Everything about the experience was beautiful – from the smell when you first walk into the Auckland-central based room, to the beautiful fresh flowers and the calming music.  To start with, one thing which makes all of the Rosenthal facials so unique is that Michelle uses absolutely no products!  The facial that I had was called the Rosenthal Signature Experience and was 60 minutes long (60 minutes of pure bliss).  The facial began with a foot soak while Michelle explained the facial to me.  It comprised of a full head and face message with a neck, scalp and foot massage towards the end (I actually feel relaxed just thinking back on this experience).


After the facial I felt so de-stressed and rejuvenated.  Unbeknownst to us, we can actually carry a lot of tension and stress in our face muscles.  It’s only when you actually think about it that you realise you were frowning or holding tension there – sort of like when you relax your shoulders and suddenly realise that you were tensing them in the first place!  The Signature facial really helped to release the tension and fully relax the muscles.  That night I slept incredibly well and the following day I still felt relaxed and my skin looked so healthy (it probably also helped that I used the


Bespoke blend that morning too!). If you’re a fan of massages, I would recommend you try this Rosenthal facial instead – you get the benefits of feeling beautifully relaxed and revived, but it’s also fantastic for your skin.

It’s so important to look beyond surface skincare products full of harsh ingredients that promise fast results and instead turn to skincare and treatments that are truly good for your body.  Skincare that will deeply nourish your skin and treatments that aren’t just a temporary fix.


To summarise, no amount of writing will do Rosenthal justice – it’s something you need to experience yourself.  My experience with the facial and the skincare was nothing short of divine and I cannot recommend it enough –  Michelle is such a lovely and kind person.  If you don’t live in Auckland are unable to try the facial, then you really should consider trying a face serum. I’ll put a link here to the full range of skincare available as Michelle also makes cleansers and a beard oil (how cool!).


This post is not sponsored, all thoughts, writing and photographs are my own!

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