Top Mask Picks for Acne-Prone Skin

Masking can be a really great way to treat acne-prone skin and active breakouts.  Here are my top 3 mask picks for blemished skin!  They are all at different price points, so hopefully you can find one that suits you.

‘Urban Defence Purifying Pink’ by Generation Clay $55 NZD

This mask from the new brand Generation Clay is perfect for someone living in the city who finds that their skin gets clogged and doesn’t look its best at the end of the day.  Pollution is definitely not our skin’s friend and can cause clogged pores, greasiness and breakouts.

This mask uses Kakadu plum (an Australian fruit which holds the highest known natural source of Vitamin C), vitamin E (to block free radicals), vitamin A (helps to fight the bacteria which causes acne!).  The antioxidants in this mask stimulate collagen, helps to get rid of hyper pigmentation and helps to project the skin from pollution! Overall, a mask which would suit so many people!

I love using this mask at the end of a long day – it comes with a little brush which makes applying the mask so easy.    It smells delicious (a bit like plum!) and looks quite pink before it dries down to a very pale pink.  I would definitely recommend using the brush to apply the mask and it has a very thick clay consistency, so the brush helps to evenly spread the product.  Immediately after applying it the mask starts to dry down. It’s one of those masks where you can feel it tightening as it dries and after about 10 minutes you can’t move your face – I usually leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

The mask itself is quite drying.  After I’ve washed it off my skin feels really tight and I always follow up with a super hydrating moisturiser.  Because of how drying the mask is, I think it works really well for those with blemishes: I was having a breakout and applied this mask – 15 minutes later my skin was dry, but the blemishes seemed to have dried up too and I think this mask really helped to speed up the healing process.

I would recommend taking off your makeup at the end of the day and then applying this mask – then wash it off and beginning your evening skincare routine as usual.  Overall, its a great mask if you have blemishes or feel like you skin is a bit clogged and greasy after a long day!

Left to right: Generation Clay ‘Urban Defence’ mask, Mario Badescu ‘Drying Mask’.

‘Drying Mask’ by Mario Badescu $28 NZD

If you can get over the smell (someone described it as smelling like a car repair shop and they aren’t wrong), this is a really great mask! This mask is aimed to help congested and ‘problem’ skin.  It’s made with sulphur, kaolin and other minerals – together they help to dry up breakouts and absorb grease and other ‘pore-clogging impurities’ from the skin.  The cucumber and calamine in the mask are meant to cool and refresh the skin.

Like the ‘Urban Defence Purifying Pink’ mask, this Drying mask dries down quite fast and after a few minutes you won’t be able to move your face.  This mask is really fantastic if you are breaking out as it somehow both dries and soothes the blemishes.  As this mask is quite intense, you could actually spot treat with it – just apply it on the areas you have breakout on, so then you won’t dry out the rest of your skin.

This is definitely not a mask I use regularly as its so strong – but if I have a particularly bad break out then I will use this!

‘I Am Purifying’ RARE by Livkin $155 AUD

Unlike the other two masks, this one is very gentle and will definitely not dry out your skin – if anything, it will hydrate it!  This mask targets acne prone skin by tightening the pores, purifying and clearing the complexion, helping to balance and clear the skin.  What makes it so special is that it uses Amethyst to eliminate toxicity, protect the skin from negative energy and pollutants, and calm stress.  The mask uses New Zealand glacial clay, gold and hyaluronic acid,  as well as Australian native desert Quandong which is a natural wound healer, high in vitamin C, fatty acids and rutin.  It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The scent is very delicate and pleasant.  This mask comes with the cutest brush to apply the product with – a brush which I actually use all the time now!  The consistency is on the thick side, but it’s not heavy.  Instead of drying down hard, the mask almost seems to sink into the skin.  I leave it on different lengths of time depending on what I’m doing.  Sometimes I’ll just use it for 20 minutes and other times I’ll leave it on for an hour – that goes to show just how comfortable the mask is to wear.

Afterwards, I use warm water to massage the mask into my skin and then I completely wash it off.  My skin always feels very hydrated and soft after using it, but my skin also looks more balanced and clear.




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