Cult Classic | Skin Food

Cult Classic | Skin Food

When Into The Gloss calls something a La Mer dupe, it’s inevitable that I will end up trying it.  And so the Weleda ‘Skin Food’ came to be in my possession – at $13.90 NZD for the 30ml tube it would be a crime not to try it.

This 100% natural, award-winning formula has been around since 1926, becoming something of a cult classic favoured by celebrities (think Alexa Chung, Brooke Shields, Tory Burch, Winona Ryder, Helena Christiensen and Georgia Fowler).  It’s essentially an all-over skin moisturiser.

Chamomile, calendula and wild pansy help to soothe the skin, while the oils of sunflower, lanolin and sweet almond act as a protective barrier against the wind and weather.  The essential oils in this moisturiser (sweet orange and lavandulae) give it the most beautiful, herbaceous scent – it’s quite familiar to me, probably because my mum used to use this.  To me, the sweet orange is particularly strong, but I love scented skincare so this is right up my alley.

In terms of texture, the pale yellow moisturiser is very thick and creamy – quite similar to Kiehls ‘Creamy Eye Treatment’ if you’ve ever tried that, although a bit more balm-like.  It doesn’t sink into the skin straight away, but does hydrate instantly.  The cream gives a definite sheen to the skin and feels tacky for a few minutes after being applied.

Weleda recommend that you use the cream on rough, dry skin anywhere on the body – e.g face, hands, elbows and knees.  This multitasking aspect is probably what makes the cream such winner.  For me, it’s too thick to apply over my whole face, so I prefer to use it on the specific areas that need extra hydration, as well as my hands (so great for these cold winter months).  As it’s extremely hydrating, this cream is great to use on a long flight – the 30ml tube is perfect for taking on board.

Makeup doesn’t sit very well over this, so for that reason it’s a cream I prefer to use when I’m not wearing any makeup as more of a hydrating ‘treatment’ than a regular moisturiser.  However, what does work really well is mixing a pea sized amount of Skin Food with a BB cream or foundation of a similar consistency.  It creates a thick, hydrating cream with a touch of coverage.  This is great if you have very dry skin, but want to cover some redness or breakouts.

Skin Food squeezed straight from the tube.

Skin Food immediately after being rubbed into the skin.















  • If you’re having a no makeup day, this cream looks great when applied across the tops of the cheekbones.  It gives a very healthy sheen, without looking greasy.
  • Apply this cream over your whole face and leave it on for a few hours.  It will really hydrate the skin – a bit like a sleep mask.
  • If you have very dry skin and want to use this over your entire face, just apply a pea sized amount and then use a tissue to blot off any excess oil.  This will help take away the shine and make it more useable for the daytime.
  • Warm this product up in your finger tips before applying it to your skin.

So is Skin Food actually a dupe for La Mer’s Crème de la Mer?  I’ve only ever used La Mer in my dreams so this isn’t something I can properly comment on, however, both creams share a lot of the same ingredients – namely helianthus annuus (sunflower), geraniol, citral, linalool, zinc and amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond)… in other words, largely fragrant ingredients which may give the two creams similar scents.  It’s worth noting that the La Mer cream has mineral oil and petrolatum, while the Weleda one does not, however, the main ingredient in Crème de la Mer is seaweed extract and this is not used at all in Skin Food.  Based on ingredients alone, I would not call these creams dupes, despite the fact that they might both smell similar and have a thick consistency.  Let me know if you have tried both and how they compare!

To conclude, this moisturiser is a throw-in-handbag, bedside table essential – a great all-rounder for any type of dry skin.  It probably won’t replace your everyday moisturiser, but it’s exactly what you need for dehydrated skin that could use some plumping.


This post is not sponsored, all opinions and photographs are my own.

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