My Handbag & What’s Inside It

If I could design my perfect handbag it would be exactly this:  The ‘Isobel’ bag from Minskat Copenhagen (how fitting that it shares the same name as me… it’s fate).  This cross body bag is perfect in every way and I’ve loved it for years now.   It’s such a classic design, very well made and the leather is stunning which makes it the perfect bag to transition from day to evening.

I bought my first one off The Iconic in the shade ‘Marsala’ which is a stunning burgundy colour.  I wore that handbag to death, literally using it every single day, so when Minskat Copenhagen sent me the Isobel in ‘Black’ I nearly exploded from happiness and excitement!  After years of use, my Marsala one is still in good nick, but there’s something so nice about a brand new handbag (particularly in a different colour).

With an adjustable strap, internal and external zip pockets, gold hardware, beautiful lining and an embossed logo on the pebbled leather front, this handbag is what dreams are made of.  The bag is light enough to comfortably wear for hours on end while still being sturdy and the pebbled leather helps it to wear very well – you won’t get any dirt or scratches showing up.  Most surprisingly, it’s incredibly spacious!  I can’t even being to tell you what I’ve managed to fit into my bag…  At first glance it seems that only the essentials would fit (phone, keys, wallet), but I’ve put cardigans, umbrellas and copious amounts of makeup in there!  I’m reasonably petite and this handbag is the perfect size for me – it’s dainty while still fitting everything I need (and probably don’t need) inside.

I adore dressing my bag up with silk scarfs tied onto the strap – this is such a great way to add colour to an outfit or to dress the bag up for the evening.  I’ve become obsessed with finding scarfs and happily everything I come across goes with my bag because it’s black!  Second hand stores are great places to find vintage scarfs for good value.

I love hearing what other people keep in their handbags, so I thought I’d share with you what I keep in mine:

  • Keys
  • Dior Lip Glow in 001 (and probably about three other lip balms because they somehow seem to all accumulate in my handbag…)
  • Rosie by Autograph lipstick in Silk Rose (I like to top the Lip Glow with this)
  • Ted Baker card purse (so perfect for keeping all of my cards and coins in one place)
  • Perfume (usually the roll on version of Chloe ‘Roses’)
  • Bastide fig hand cream
  • Swiss Army Kit (the amount of times I have needed a pair of scissors or a small knife…)
  • Pen
  • Phone
  • Phone charger
  • Concealer
  • Makeup sponge
  • Bobbi Brown Lip & Cheek Tint in ‘Rose’


I’d love to hear about your perfect handbag and what you keep inside it!  X






This post is not sponsored, the handbag was gifted by Minskat Copenhagen.  All writing, photographs and opinions are my own.

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