Cult Classic: Eight Hour Cream


Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is an award winning formula that was first created in 1930.  It’s utterly versatile, which is probably why it’s such a classic for makeup artists and beauty lovers alike.  The cream has a sticky balm-like consistency, so don’t let the word ‘cream’ fool you.  It’s basically an extremely moisturising skin protecting balm that’s perfect to chuck in your handbag or leave in your makeup draws because it can be used in so many different ways!

The apricot coloured balm has quite a strong smell and it definitely won’t appeal to everyone (I personally love it, it reminds me of the winter of 2016 which is when I used it most… smell is amazing how it can bring back memories).  The original cream is scented, however, there is an un-scented version now – if you’re ordering this online and can’t smell it in person, I would recommend playing it safe and getting the un-scented version as the original smell is so strong that if you didn’t like it, it would definitely ruin the balm.  Made with petrolatum and vitamin E, the ingredients are nothing special, but it’s still as coveted as ever.


Lip treatment/balm: This is my favourite way to use the Eight Hour Cream.  It’s so extremely hydrating that it’s pretty much all I use during the winter. Whenever my lips are chapped or dry I put this on at night and wake up with hydrated lips – it’s almost like an overnight lip treatment.  I use it regularly as a normal lip balm too.  It leave a really nice glossy look.

Brows: The cream can be used to keep eye brow hairs in place!  I usually do this after using the cream as a lip balm – I’ll just use whatever’s left on my finger to smooth over my brows.

Sleep mask: I’ve never used the cream this way as I’m nervous it would break me out, but quite a few people just warm the cream up in their hands and then just pat it onto their face.  I think this would also work really well on a long flight!

Highlighter:  I like to apply the cream on my brow bone and cheek bones for a dewy look!  It’s very subtle and gives a nice sheen.  It also looks extremely natural as there’s no pigment or glitter particles at all.

Cream Eyeshadow: The cream is perfect to mix with a loose eye shadow pigment – it holds the pigment really well and creates a nice tacky surface to pack eyeshadow down on top of.

Cuticles: The cream is perfect for applying on nail cuticles, although it’s useful to note that a little goes a long way.

Dry skin (e.g hands or elbows): Pretty much wherever you apply this cream it is going to hydrate. When first applied the cream is quite sticky, but if you only use a small amount and wait for it to sink in then the cream works really way as a moisturiser.

Eczema: One winter when I was holidaying (aka shopping) in Melbourne where it was absolutely freezing and windy, I got some eczema on my hand – I applied this balm and after a couple of days my hand was back to normal.

Hair: Because the cream is so tacky it can be used to keep fly-aways in place.


I’d love to hear how you use the Eight Hour Cream! x


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