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Here’s an example of a photo I took when I was feeling unmotivated and had ZERO idea where to start… I literally just took a magazine, placed the products on it and took a photo. I looked at the composition are realised I wanted to add something in the background, so I added in the makeup bag. Then I wanted to tie in the background colour with the products in the shot, so I found a magazine page that matched. It ended up being one of my favourite photos ever!

Lately, I’ve been feeling uninspired.  I don’t love the direction my blog is going, I don’t love how my Instagram looks, I don’t love the photographs I’m taking and I have no idea where any of it is going.  I go through phases where I feel extremely inspired and have so many photo ideas, blog post ideas and ideas about future business I want to create!  However, I also have phases where I feel unmotivated and like I don’t have any energy to get creative… that’s how I’ve been feeling lately.

The degree I’m finishing and my area of work are not very creative  (law) and so photography is my creative outlet – I feel happy and energised after taking photos!  I genuinely have so much fun arranging products, taking photographs, editing them and choosing the best ones to share on my blog…  This whole content creating thing is something that I love and so I hate those days where I feel uninspired  (plus, as I discovered this week, the Instagram algorithm will hate you if you take a few days off posting ha ha – although all of us do need a break).  Basically what I’m saying is that I want to feel inspired and I want to have photos that I love to go along with my reviews.

Inspiration isn’t something that just happens 24/7 for people – sometimes you to need to work at it in order to feel inspired and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Similarly, the same things won’t always inspire you – this definitely applies to me and it’s obvious just by looking at my Instagram!  If you look at my Instagram then you’ll see that my photography style is constantly evolving (I cringe looking back at some of my old photos, they’re so bad and I remember thinking how cool they were! I’ll probably look back at my current photos and laugh one day too).  As my inspiration changes, so does the style of photography that I find interesting.  However, when I’m lacking in motivation and inspiration there are a few things that I do which often helps.

So here’s some of my tips for fellow bloggers and photographers!


My number one biggest tip is just to begin.  If it’s a product that you need to photograph but you have no idea where to start, literally just pick up your camera, place the product on a desk and take a photo.  It sounds obvious, but it will get you thinking about angles, lighting and arrangement – this works for me every time.  Sometimes I need to take a photo for a review and know that the direct sunlight in my room is only going to last for so long, but I have no idea how I want the photo to look.  Instead of wasting time bemoaning the fact that I don’t know where to start, I literally just take a random photo of the product.   The first photo you take doesn’t have to be ‘the one’.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  The first photo that I take of a product and the final one I end up sharing usually look completely different!  Maybe you can start adding props into the background (magazines, candles etc) and working with the light source, but you’re not going to really know the best place to position the props until you actually get started.


Magazines are my favourite place to find inspiration!  Flicking through the pages give me ideas for colours, product arrangement and lighting.  My all time favourite magazine is Porter – it has a great selection of beauty, travel, interviews and beautiful photography.  I’ve been subscribed to Porter for years now and there’s nothing better than having a magazine arrive on your doorstep!  Somehow I always forget that it’s due to arrive and so it’s always a great surprise.  Vogue is classic, but it’s a magazine that I always go back to as I adore the beauty section.  It’s one of my favourite places to read about new products and treatments.  For photography, I find that Ruush is the best magazine – the colour tone and layout always inspires me.


If you don’t feel inspired by the accounts that you follow on Instagram then you probably shouldn’t be following them!  I love ‘saving’ photographs on Instagram – it’s like having a big mood board.  Sometimes when I need to take a photograph to go along with a review but I just have no idea where to begin, I’ll find one of the saved photos and try to do something similar – this ties in with my first tip ‘CAMERA, PRODUCT, GO!’.  My final photograph always ends up looking extremely different to the saved one, but the actual act of arranging products and props gets my creative juices flowing.  If you have no idea where to start just start by laying out the products you want to photograph, finding an area in your house with good lighting and start shooting.  The first bunch of photographs might be awful, but it will help you to get thinking and experimenting with your shots.


The music that I find inspiring changes all of the time, sometimes it’s upbeat and sometimes its slow… Either way, listening to a good song never fails to make me feel inspired and ready to create something great (it’s also the only the way that I can ever find the motivation to clean my room… ohhh how a good song works wonders).  Here’s some songs that I’ve been loving lately:

I’d love to find some new music to listen to so comment below what songs make you feel inspired!


I’m new to the Pinterest game!  I made one a while ago, but I always forget to use it.  I rediscovered my account the other day and realised it’s such a great place to get inspired.  The ‘more like this’ feature where it recommends photos you might like is the best part!  I’m still trying to figure out the whole point of Pinterest, but for now I’ll use it for photo inspiration. If you’re interested in skincare, makeup, fashion and home decor then give me a follow!  I really need some great accounts to follow – if you have a Pinterest account let me know below because I’d love to follow it.

How to do find inspiration? X


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