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Remember the coffee scrub craze back in 2013?  You have Frank Body to thank!  While they still make amazing body scrubs, the Australian-made and cruelty-free brand has slowly but surely introduced face skincare into its range. I was lucky enough to try the face mist, cleanser and a mask, which I feel is a really good variety to judge a skincare line from.  You can buy the full range at Mecca Maxima!

Anti-Angry Face Mist $17 (70ml)

This face mist aims to straight away soothe skin that is stressed, tired or breaking out.  It’s made with rose water to calm irritation, grapefruit seed extract to plump the skin (it’s also rich in antioxidants) and coffee seed extract to form and soften the skin.  The face mist is very gentle and has a mild scent – it’s a little bit floral, but nothing that should bother people who are sensitive to smell.  One thing that I really love about this mist is the fact that it actually mists rather than sprays – so this makes it perfect for refreshing makeup throughout the day, which is one of my favourite ways to use it.  I don’t get a lot of redness, so I haven’t been able to test if it reduces this, but it’s a very gentle face mist that doesn’t irritate the skin.  It’s very hydrating, gentle and perfect for it you struggle with breakouts.  I like to use it after cleansing as a toner, but it’s also a great spray to leave on your work desk and use as a pick-me-up throughout the day.

Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil $26 (80ml)

Probably my favourite product of the lot!  This cleanser is extremely gentle – like everything from Frank Body.  It’s a cleansing oil which is meant to remove makeup and cleanse the skin in one step – and it genuinely does an amazing job at this.  Made with coffee seed, grapeseed, sunflower seed and soyabean oils, this cleanser breaks down makeup and dirt while softening the skin.  It’s amazing for taking off makeup because it doesn’t strip skin at all, but instead leaves it feeling really soft and hydrated.  All you need to do is apply a couple of pumps to dry skin and massage it in, then remove with warm water.  I love how the cleanser comes off really easily – there’s no oily residue left at all.  It’s a great alternative to a cleansing balm as it’s just as hydrating but much easier to remove (no need to use a cloth).

Originally I used this purely as a makeup remover, going in afterwards with another cleanser to treat my skin, however, this cleanser is more than just a makeup remover: it uses beta hydroxy acids to help congested skin that is prone to breakouts.  The acids do this by exfoliating the skin, so you don’t actually need to use a separate cleanser afterwards.  This Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil really is a one step cleanser which will remove makeup and is also beneficial for your skin.

Anti-Drama Face Mask $24 (80ml)

This mask aims to calm and detoxify the skin.  It’s designed to be used in the evening so your senses are detoxified for “your best beauty sleep yet”!  It’s made with with charcoal to unclog pores, chamomile and honey to reduce inflammation and fight bacteria,  lavender to treat blemishes and evening primrose oil to soothe the skin.   This is one of the most gentle masks I have ever used!  It’s lightweight, has a very delicate scent and it doesn’t dry down hard.  Most detoxifying masks tend to really strip the skin and dry it out, but this mask takes a much softer approach which is quite refreshing to try!  It’s incredibly soothing which is great for when your skin is inflamed.  This has been my go-to mask lately as my skin feels really hydrated after using it and it also keep any inflammation from active breakouts down.

The theme with Frank Body skincare has clearly been gentleness!  These products hydrate, soothe and cleanse skin without stripping or irritating it as a lot of other products tend to do.  If you want to try skincare that is made with natural ingredients, is cruelty free and kind to your skin, then I would definitely recommend Frank Body!


This post is not sponsored, the products were gifted to me by Mecca, all opinions and photographs are my own.

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