Drunk Elephant: T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum


This night serum aims to refine and resurface the skin to create a smooth and radiant complexion. It’s a blend of 12% glycolic, lactic, tartaric, citric and salicylic acids and raspberry extract.  The serum is a kind of multitasker – it’s meant to be hydrating and is also meant to help decongest the skin and get rid of dead skin cells, as it’s a chemical exfoliant. It can also help with blemishes, shine, visible pores, pigmentation and fine lines – something for everyone!


It’s definitely a pricey serum (the 50ml retails for $214.00 NZD!) so I decided to buy the Nightbright set – the set is $44 and comes with an 8ml T.L.C. Framboos serum and an 8ml Virgin Marula face oil. This makes the 8ml T.L.C serum $22, which actually works out cheaper per ml than the full sized bottle (plus the Marula oil it comes with is fantastic).


I apply it at night after cleansing and toning – it sinks into the skin pretty quickly, but I don’t find it very hydrating and so I normally follow it up with another serum. While the 8ml bottle sounds like it would disappear after a single use, it actually lasts a surprisingly long time – you only need a teeny tiny bit as a little goes a long way (which is good because this is so expensive).


At first, I saw great results. My skin seemed smoother and brighter. I noticed that it really helped to fade acne scars! It also helped reduce the appearance of my pores. However, after the initial results I didn’t see anything else. I was really hoping that it would help with congestion/clogged pores, but I haven’t had much luck. Interestingly, I found the serum to be quite gentle, although people I’ve spoken with have found it harsh. My skin is not very sensitive at all though, so if you do have sensitive skin then I would tread carefully with this product as glycolic acid can often dry the skin out.

Would I repurchase it? Probably not. Ultimately, even when I use it my skin still gets congested and I haven’t noticed a big change in texture, which were my two main concerns. I wouldn’t recommend it to help with congestion, but I would recommend it for fading dark spots/scarring. It’s a nice serum and I did have some luck with it, but it just didn’t ‘wow’ me.

Almost every review I’ve read has given this product 5/5 stars, so I was really surprised to not love it. It does go to show that sometimes it’s best to test out a mini rather than jumping in a buying the full sized product.

Although this isn’t a glowing review, I don’t think it’s a bad product – it just didn’t hit all the marks for me. However, I’m going to keep using it until it runs out. A problem for me is getting a new product, not seeing results immediately and then giving up! It sounds stupid, I know, products need time to work… so this year I’m going to make a real effort to stick things out. I’ll update this review if I notice any more changes in my skin.


If you have sensitive skin or just find this serum too strong, a tip is to dilute the serum with a face oil. The face oil that this set comes with is the Marula face oil and that is perfect for mixing with the serum. Try mixing even parts serum and oil – you can gradually reduce the amount of oil if your skin adjusts to it.

Alternatively, you don’t need to apply this every single night. If you find the serum too strong then try using this every second night. Regular use will give the best results, but it’s OK to limit the number of applictions per week.

This post is not sponsored, the product was not gifted, all photographs, opinions and writing are my own.


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